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The Woodshop Life Podcast

Guy Dunlap

I have been a woodworker for long as I can remember. I fell in love with the craft when I was in junior high school, and I have been building furniture since. I treated woodworking as a hobby for many years, and then in the 1990s I opened my own shop and started a business making custom furniture. While I enjoyed the freedom and fulfillment it gave me, it was not as financially rewarding as I hoped it would be. So after a few years of trying very hard to make it work, I realized I would have to go back to a regular job and make furniture as a hobby again.

In the summer of 2016, I moved back again to doing woodworking full time. I have a very active presence on You Tube where I post videos of what I am currently working on, complete step by step project videos, and tips and technique videos. Recently I started giving classes in my shop, and really enjoy it. I also take on commissions for custom furniture and cabinetry. My days are very full!

Huy Huynh

My journey into woodworking started back in 2001. During high school and college I worked on a construction crew that specialized in roofing and framing, so rough carpentry came naturally to me. In 2011 shortly after graduating college, I bought a foreclosed “fixer-upper” and like many woodworkers, my interests were sparked by learning more complex DIY skills (carpentry, electrical, and plumbing). In 2013 I got married, and my wife was determined to change the “bachelor pad” into something more inviting. She wanted a hall tree to organize our jackets, shoes, and dog leashes.

With minimal tools I decided to build my own Arts and Crafts style hall tree rather than buy a piece of mass produced furniture. I quickly became obsessed with designing and building cabinets for our house and for my workshop. Being an electrical and aerospace engineer, I gravitated to the more technical side of cabinet making. However, I wanted to develop my weaknesses as a woodworker, which was design. Designing and building furniture incorporates both the technical and creative side to woodworking.

Sean Walker

Woodworking became a passion of mine in 2012 when I bought my first home. I soon realized that I needed furniture, and lots of it! I figured it would be a whole lot cooler to build my own furniture instead of buying , so I went to Lowes to stock up on a bunch of tools. Little did I know that I would end up spending more money on making the furniture rather than buying it. But what I did gain in the end, was the love for the craft. Ever since then I’ve been out in my shop building!

This Episodes Questions: Brian's Questions: Hi guys. Long term listener. Great pod cast. I recent have a gotten my first 220 table saw. Grizzly 690. It works great and my router table, wood pecker P2. I have a small shop and space always is tight. I am thinking about buying an infra table fence with the router attachment as I can put it off to one side as my cut requirements are less than 24 inches. Mainly 12-18 inches wide as my happy space is projects within 2 ft by 4 ft. Anything larger is handled on my Yeti Smart...
Published on: 2024-02-23
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Episodes Questions: Brian's Questions: Ashtin here Hey guys love the podcast thank you for putting out good content for all of us to hear My question is I’m very new to the woodworking community I don’t have a shop or a space I work in I use all mobile equipment I do all my work outside I want to know what projects I can do that will help build my skills in and my confidence I have a DEWALT Dw7491rs Table saw  A Bosch router table Ra1181 A craftsman jointer Cmew020 A wen 6524 spindle and belt sander combo...
Published on: 2024-02-10
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Episodes Listener Questions: Guys Questions: Hello Guy, Huy, and Brian, Loving the content you guys are dishing out. Keep up the good work! I have my sights set on a jointer in the near future as I would like to save time and energy squaring lumber. My preference up until now has generally been to buy new tools and the thought of refurbishing/repairing anything used has not appealed to me. However, the cost difference between a new/used jointer has me thinking differently. Also, the jointer seems to be one of, if not the easiest, of the big woodworking machines...
Published on: 2024-01-26
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Episodes Question: Guy's Questions: Why hello gentlemen. I have a crazy question for you all. I am about to build a vanity for my bathroom out of poplar. I am leaning towards staining the vanity, but I don’t know what to put on the vanity to protect it from moisture. Do you guys have any suggestions? If so, it would be very helpful. P.S. I am always looking forward to listening to show keep up the amazing advice  Thanks, Ethan Thompson ! Hi guys! Alissa’s question from the your last episode spurred a question if my own.  Alissa asked...
Published on: 2024-01-12
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Guy's Questions: Guys, Recently I’ve been trying to expand my meager wood shop with budget friends older tools. (Most recently a delta x5 6” jointer to fix up and repaint for example). What would you look for when shopping for a used band saw you’re hoping to re-saw with? Where do you look for parts for older/discontinued tools? Any advice on tools that are best to just buy new? Many thanks, Dave Can you share about your design process? My biggest challenge is coming up with designs or finding plans (or redesigning plans) that are going to come out terrific...
Published on: 2023-12-29
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Episode's Questions Guy's Questions Hey, fellas. Great show. I’ve been listening for a couple of years, and have really elevated my game based on tips from y’all. Guy, thanks for the Incra TS/LS videos. I got the combo version when I moved my router table to the wing of my Sawstop. I really love it. I have a follow up question from the Feb 24 edition: Guy, you were pretty emphatic on your answer regarding connecting 2 Festool rails. I’m curious to know if your opinion was formed on the original style or the new version? If the former,...
Published on: 2023-12-15
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, we have taken a week off. Please feel free to listen to any other episode in our vast catalog! ...
Published on: 2023-12-01
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This episodes Questions Guy's Questions: Hi guys, I’m current up to episode 43 of the podcast and can’t get enough. During this episode you discussed the merits of having a radial arm saw in your shop, or lack thereof in todays workflow. This got me thinking and I wanted to ask: what other tools are you aware of that were once used in woodshops that are no longer in general practice? I’m not talking about rocks and flints from the Stone Age, but rather anything in the past 60 or so years that have gone out of vogue. I can’t...
Published on: 2023-11-17
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Episodes Questions: Brian's Questions: I’m hoping to enhance my beginner(ish) skills by going back to the basics and making boxes. Any advice on getting perfect miters for small parts? I’ve got a table saw sled but my small DEWALT job site saw gives me issues finding 45. Any advice on reasonably priced dovetail saws or alternatives? Where do you source small parts like hinges and drawer pulls for a fair price? Many Thanks, Dave Hi guys, Your podcast is excellent and I have been able to put your advice to use on multiple occasions. I know you have talked...
Published on: 2023-11-03
By Woodshop Life Podcast
This Weeks Questions Brian: Hey guys, I just discovered this podcast and have been thoroughly enjoying the episodes so far! I am a guitar technician by trade and recently started to build my own solid body electric guitar. I have been studying up on tool safety and learning proper technique, as a beginner I don’t want to develop any bad habits or unsafe practices. I used a router table when creating the guitar neck from a template, but if i'm being honest I am a bit intimidated by it and would prefer to start routing with a hand held router...
Published on: 2023-10-20
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Brians questions: Gentlemen, Thank you all for the time, effort, and expertise you put into the show.  As many listeners have said before, it really is the best woodworking podcast out there! As a beginning woodworker, I am curious about what projects you have done that helped you learn new skills or refine key foundational skills to progress along your woodworking journey?  Perhaps there are some "benchmark projects" that take a woodworker from sloppy beginner to capable amateur and beyond towards fine craftsmen?  Where do the common projects like a cutting board, a cabinet, a dining table or something else...
Published on: 2023-10-06
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Brian's Questions: Hey guys,   First of all, thanks for the most helpful woodworking podcast around! My question(s) revolve around a home library project. I’m planning on bookcases on all four walls of a small room and wondering how you’d approach that, specifically:   (1) what would you do about the inside corners of the room where two sets of bookcases come together? Just blank them off? Something else?  (2) as far as the cases themselves, for cost reasons, I’m planning to do 3/4 plywood carcasses close to 8’ high with one fixed shelf in the middle (Domino construction) and...
Published on: 2023-09-22
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Brians Questions: Hi guys, thanks for such a great podcast. You recently got me through the journey back from a road trip to Montreal, although when my wife heard you guys, she was like, "What the -hell-are you listening to?!" But then she fell asleep so we had no problem (don't worry, she wasn't driving at the time). My question is about evening out the sapwood and heartwood colour in walnut, so you can maximise the yield from boards and slabs. Do you have a particular process and/or product you'd recommend here? If your solution is to simply cut it...
Published on: 2023-09-08
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Brians Questions: Gentlemen, Thank you so much for this podcast. I very much look forward to each episode. I primarily work with hand tools making traditional furniture. One of the few machines I own is a PowerMatic 15” bandsaw. Guy’s positive review of it sealed my decision and I’m very happy with it. Fantastic bandsaw. I mostly use it for long straight cuts and keep the Laguna 3/4” carbide tipped blade in it. On the occasions I need to make curve cuts I hate to change out blades. Call me lazy. I’d like to get another tool for this other...
Published on: 2023-08-25
By Woodshop Life Podcast
Brian's Questions: I've recently walled off the third bay of my three car garage to give me a smaller space to heat and a wall to work with. I have started thinking about my ~270 sqft shop in three dimensions trimming all the fat and maximizing my functionality.What would you guys do with a nice healthy 11ft ceiling height considering I want pretty much my entire shop to exist is this space. What type of ideas would you have for multi functioning furniture? What would you put on the walls? Everything that can be is already on wheels. I've got...
Published on: 2023-08-11
By Woodshop Life Podcast