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Would you like to become a Cast Creator? Please review our rules and apply. If you meet our standards, we will contact you about registering an account.

Creator Rules

The Creator must publish a piece of content at least six times per year or every other month. Monthly or more is preferred. Longer form content may receive exceptions such as a miniseries or movie format.

The Creator must own the rights to all of the content. Any infringement of copyright holds the Creator solely responsible and liable.

The Creator recognizes that other creators may have similar subjects. If a video or audio is submitted that is too similar to another, Rocket City Cast may have to reject the Creator’s submission that came in second. 

The Creator agrees to be cordial and professional to other creators. Content may not be critical of other creators.

The Creator may have sponsors inside their uploaded content, mentions in the audio file or graphics in the video. Your sponsor cannot show inside your featured image, show description, or other areas inside the Rocket City Cast properties. The Creator should consult the Rocket City Cast about such situations, which will likely include creating a sponsorship arrangement between you, your sponsor, and Rocket City Cast. Placing your Content inside our site does not entitle us to revenue made by mentions inside your content, only that which resides outside of your Content files.

Rocket City Cast may approach Creators about Sponsors for their show in order to support the Creator. The rates for such sponsorship are dictated by Rocket City Cast and the Sponsor and Rocket City Cast will retain 50% or less of the sponsorship. Such sponsorships will visually and audibly designate direct sponsorship. The site or app may have general sponsorships that can appear near the Creators content and the Creator does not share in this revenue. These will not designate specific sponsorship to that Creator.

Creators may also be sponsors of pages within Rocket City Cast. Rocket City Cast will not force or offer sponsorships to businesses that are directly competitive to each other so as not to create conflict or confusion. However, categorical or sidebar sponsorships may appear on a page of a competitive business but will never designate direct sponsorship of the competitor. Exceptions will only be made when both parties give express permission.