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We believe that many people venture into business and entrepreneurship seeking freedom, flexibility, and the potential for higher income. But often times people or systems fail...and Bradley reflects on how to create new systems to support the freedom you desire while continuing business growth.Thanks to our sponsors...Club Capital provides monthly accounting, tax, and CFO services for insurance agency owners. Learn more at equips business owners to design and install an operating system that runs like clockwork. Through BlueprintOS, you will grow and develop your leadership, clarify your culture and business game plan, align your operations with your KPIs, develop...
Published on: 2024-07-12
By Bradley Hamner
This Episode's Questions: Brians Questions: Hey guys, I am building an arts and crafts style entryway table that is roughly modeled after a Stickley magazine stand. It will have an upper “shelf” that is surrounded on three side by the rails or stretchers on the side and back and is open on the front. The bottom “shelf” is identical. These two shelves are seated into the four legs. The front legs have a full depth groove cut into them that the shelf seats into and the rear legs have a cutout on the inside corner for the rear shelf support....
Published on: 2024-07-12
By Woodshop Life Podcast
By participating in Clarity, you're not just investing in a series of workshops—you're investing in the future of your business. Our goal is to deliver extreme value that transcends the ordinary, leaving you with a newfound sense of purpose and direction. And with limited spots available, this opportunity won't last forever. Act Now Seize the opportunity to transform your business and secure your place in the Clarity series. Space is limited, and the insights you'll gain are priceless. Don't miss out on this chance to gain clarity, attract ideal clients, and elevate your business to new heights. Join us, and...
Published on: 2024-07-09
By Vicki Morris

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