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This Episodes Questions: Brians Questions: Hey guys thanks for the best podcast You knowledge and wisdom Thanks for answering my last question about what project would help build my skills My question now is I’m looking for a set of chisels and I don’t know what brand to get i’d save up to buy the brand that to get recommended cause I want a set that lasts Thanks for your help and guidance wise ones Ashtin I hope you can help me: I made a 58 inch round table top out of 3/4 inch, good quality plywood. It's meant to...
Published on: 2024-06-14
By Woodshop Life Podcast
The money is in owning, not operating a business. If you transitioned from working as an employee or manager into being an owner, you may be struggling to shift. Because your time is the most valuable thing you have, you need to implement the mindset, skillset, and toolset to shift from being an operator, aka Rainmaker, to Owner, aka Architect.Join us and other owners for The Quarterly on June 25th, and design your Q3 for the growth you want to see in your business. Visit to register free!Thanks to our sponsors...Club Capital provides monthly accounting, tax, and CFO services...
Published on: 2024-06-14
By Bradley Hamner
I'll be honest upfront, this Friday's Op-Ed is a bit self-serving as it introduces the first chapter of my upcoming book "Get Cyber Smart: A User-friendly Guide to Protecting Your Family, Your Business, and Yourself, online. The book releases on June 28, but I discuss who the book is for and read a bit from the introduction. PLEASE Give a listen and TELL a friend (or family member). Thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcome at   ...
Published on: 2024-06-13
By Darren Mott

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