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WLRH Arts Underground

Arts Underground is like no other public radio show, where we dig in and take an hour to excavate beautiful oddities that lie just beneath the surface, from around the world, and here in the Tennessee Valley. Soak in music from new artists, explore the Valley’s local comedy scene, and revel in the rare art from creators living in the Huntsville area who make our community a special place to live.

Hosted by Katy Ganaway, Arts Underground airs Saturday from 2-3 PM … or listen to a podcast below.

This episode, Ashlynn Lutz, a fresh, new local comedian stops by the WLRH studios to talk with Katy Ganaway about her class clown past, finding the balance in using real life in her material and the interesting people you meet after a show....
Published on: 2023-11-14
By Katy Ganaway
Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Gallery Coordinator Robert Daniel fills us in on the local literary and artistic goodness happening at the Mill on Nov. 18, 2023....
Published on: 2023-11-09
By Katy Ganaway
In this episode, we meet local comedian Guy Frizzell- a self-proclaimed 'silly' stand-up comic, who dabbles in experimental comedy....
Published on: 2023-10-11
By Katy Ganaway
On this episode, a few special bookish guests read from their favorite banned books, ahead of Banned Books Week. We also spotlight some artists from a free & invaluable local music streaming service from the Huntsville Madison County Public Library- Blast Music!...
Published on: 2023-09-28
By Katy Ganaway
This episode, we meet Sean Hale, owner of Black Rose Records in South Huntsville....
Published on: 2023-08-17
By Katy Ganaway
We explore the vivid, beautiful world of Polynesian Dance with members of the Tamarii O Ra'i Polynesian Dance Studio, including Sheryl Payne and owner Cielo Starostanko!...
Published on: 2023-06-29
By Katy Ganaway
This episode, Heidi Kizer, owner of The Bakingtist, shows us the ropes on making a sourdough starter. She also tells us about herself and her business, baking savory and sweet goods, with a scientific approach!...
Published on: 2023-06-08
By Katy Ganaway
This episode, we explore the healing benefits of music for young patients at Huntsville Hospital with music therapist Kate Winn....
Published on: 2023-05-23
By Katy Ganaway
This episode, Kimberly Wilson- owner of Shenanigans Comedy Theatre- returns for another installment of Funny You Should Ask. She talks about the expansion happening at the theater, and how you can chip in and be a part of the fun!...
Published on: 2023-04-05
By Katy Ganaway
This episode of Arts Underground, our special guest is Henry Owings, founder of Chunklet Industries- the independent, Atlanta-based music, zine and book publisher. He's coming to Huntsville, AL on April 29, 2023 to scan concert, festival and show ephemera to be included in a book preserving Alabama's music history....
Published on: 2023-03-29
By Katy Ganaway
Owner of Salix Black Booking, Gee Kay, meets up with us at Cross Eyed Owl Brewery for a chat about her involvement in Decatur's local music scene and how she'd like to get more venues open for young DIY music lovers in the River City....
Published on: 2023-03-15
By Katy Ganaway
Our guest this episode is Sueanne Griffith, host of Lily Flagg's Signal, who tells us fun facts about the famous cow her podcast is named after, why it isn't cool to peer into historic homes, and more....
Published on: 2023-03-02
By Katy Ganaway
In this episode, we meet improv comedian Jason Sims, creator of the new unconventional comedy incubator, "Comedy Test Kitchen."...
Published on: 2023-01-30
By Katy Ganaway
Airing 12/31/2022, guests on this episode include longtime Huntsville residents Caroline Prince, Michael Kilpatrick, Mark Torstenson, Kip Shepherd and John Owens, all reminiscing on the Tip Top Café- a diner and dive bar that served as a music venue in the 80s and 90s for a variety of eclectic bands, both local and passing through. According to the new owner of the Tip Top, construction is underway, and should be open once again in 2023! The audio you'll hear on this page features a collection of stories recorded for this episode. The live airing of this episode featured music from bands who played and...
Published on: 2022-12-29
This episode of Arts Underground, we visit our friend Santa Bob at his Christmas-flocked house, who tells us about the first time he donned the famous crimson Christmas ensemble 15 years ago. We'll also hear funny things Santa Bob has heard while wearing the red suit, his take on diversity among holiday performers in Huntsville, as well as a direly-needed miracle that took four short hours to materialize, giving Santa Bob another chance at life.  The live version of this show featured Santa Bob's music picks, and the Arts Underground page has a playlist of all of those for you to check out at your...
Published on: 2022-12-07