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The (sub)URBAN Podcast

Kim and Dennis are two black millennials living in Huntsville, Alabama. Each week on their podcast, they discuss everything from Music, Politics, Religion, Racism and Sexism. Just two suburban kids discussing blackness in white spaces. Strong Language.
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Huntsville Podcasts

Explicit. Kim is Back in the Studio! Kim and Juice catch up on the last few weeks of ripping and running. They cover a wide range of topics on this episode including: Horny Ass Chefs and Aunties, Crisean and Blueface, Meg Thee Stallion’s Cobra and Pardi’s response track, Keke Palmer filing for sole custody, and Cassie suing Diddy for being Mr. Nasty. And much more!! Theme Song Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-11-24
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice is back for another episode. First, he discusses the DJ Envy scam allegations, Next, he discusses the Dwight Howard SA allegations. Why is it important to discuss consent? For the last segment, he discusses Keith Lee burning down Atlanta like William Tecumseh Sherman Title Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-11-03
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Kim is booked & busy so Juice does a solo mini pod. First, he discusses Drake’s Latest album, For All The Dogs. Are we aging out of Drake’s music? Is it all over? Later, He discusses the infamous 48 Oysters date from TikTok. Should we ban dating content? Title Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-10-14
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. It’s Homecoming Week! Juice & Kim are joined by their podcousins, The Black Card & Molly from Molly With the Most podcast. This episode was recorded in Kim’s Apartment Topics -how Molly Started Podcasting -the legend of Sexyy Red -Deion Sanders and Thea Colorado fans -Tory Lanez -Byrd wants to be on a High Profile Murder Case Jury -Papoose/Remy Ma -Dating -And More...
Published on: 2023-09-29
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back in the studio for a new episode. First, they catch up and discuss the modern delusion of social media. We discuss the latest antics of Offset Jackson, included his live stream with Kai Cenat and him feuding with Nicki Minaj’s rapist husband. Later, we discuss Lauren Boebert getting felt up at a Beetlejuice Musical. Juice also talks about one of his not so proudest moments. Lastly, they discuss Tyler Perry’s comments about Black Women finding Love. Music Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-09-19
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back for a remote episode. Topics: -catching up after being booked and busy -The impact of Sexyy Red -The Random Man In Atlanta -Dealing with Rejection -The Online Brick Discourse -People not knowing Diana Ross is the Blueprint And More Title Music Provided By @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-09-11
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back for more shenanigans! They discuss several things in this in studio podcast. Topics: -Juice brings back the soundboard -they discusss the Snoop/Wiz Concert -Trump got hit with The Rico -michael Oher was Blind Sided by his “family” -Everything Being Expensive -And More Title By @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-08-21
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back for another episode. First, they catch up and discuss adulting, Later, they discuss the Aftermath of Jamie Fox’s being accused of being Anti-Semitism and Jennifer Aniston being kinda basic. Last, the discuss the Riverboat Rumble that took place in Montgomery, Ala. juice and Kim recap the viral video and hopefully you guys enjoy! Title By @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-08-08
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back in the studio. It’s a lot of crazy stuff going on, so much crazy stuff that people don’t even care about Aliens. Aliens are real lol. They also discuss: Mitch McConnell seeing spaceships on Bankhead, Jess Hilarious being a transphobe, and a lot of other crazy stuff Opening Title Provided By @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-08-01
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. After a weekend in Nashville, Juice and Kim react to Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. Later, they discuss Carlee Russell’s “alleged” kidnapping, Jason Aldean making Sundown Songs, and more Title Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-07-24
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are finally back after a crazy couple of weeks. They discuss several topics including: -The Agony of Moving -the Keke Palmer Situation -Good and Bad Karma -Jonah Hill being a Trash Individual -And More Intro by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-07-10
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Juice and Kim are once again joined by their favorite podcast cousins, April & Byrd from The Black Card Podcast. First, Kim and April discuss the politics of make-up. Byrd asks how Men can support their make-up loving girlfriends/wives. They then discuss the viral sensation of the “Home Depot Hottie” and the surprising backlash on Twitter. Later, they discuss a wide range of issues including: Dr. Umar, Toxic Relationships and Sex, Podcasts, Sukihana, Men’s Mental Health, and much more. Please Subscribe to both podcasts and look forward to some of the things they have in store for the future. Also,...
Published on: 2023-06-19
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are finally back in the same room lol. Topics: -being dissed online -tipping culture -fashion is a scam -drinking with black and white people -the perfect bar liquors for your own house bars -The Importance of the Crown Royal Bag -the Deaths of Jim Brown and Tina Turner...
Published on: 2023-05-30
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice and Kim are back for another episode. First, they discuss a lost episode that will probably never come out lol. Next, they have a lengthy discussion on their favorite non-alcoholic drinks. Later, they discuss Black Men in Therapy, Tik Tok IT Girl Reginaa.Jay, “Hip Hop” Blogs misinformation, and much more Title Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-05-20
By the (sub)URBAN podcast
Explicit. Juice discusses several topics including: the death of Jordan Neely, Tucker Carlson being fired, the death of Harry Belafonte and more Title Provided by @DJCBATTLE...
Published on: 2023-05-06
By the (sub)URBAN podcast