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Relentless Positivity

I am a native of Huntsville. Graduated from Grissom in 1995, went to the Harvard of the South Calhoun Community College, and then got my degree from Auburn. I have been a fitness professional since 2000 and had my own business Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp For Women since 2009. I’ve written best-selling books, I won Huntsville’s Healthiest Trainer, my business won The Best Place For Women In Huntsville To Workout, and busted my chin doing The Worm.

I started my podcast during the pandemic to combat all the negativity I was seeing and experiencing in the world. In the show, I highlight positive news stories, interview people making the world a better place, and drop the occasional dad joke.

I get the opportunity to go talk to local sports teams occasionally and do a prayer and devotional for them. It's a great honor and something I love to do. People have been asking me to share what the looks like so I thought I would recreate one I shared with a high school football team before they played the best team in their area. This one was even more special because it was a lot of the kids I used to coach. They asked me to share a message that was 5 minutes or less and this is what...
Published on: 2024-02-20
By Joe Martin
Have you ever heard these myths about dealing with bullying? Myth #1: Ignoring bullies will make them stop. Myth #2: Only weak people get bullied. Myth #3: You should fight back physically. I'll share the truth about these myths, but first, let's dive into the real strategies for dealing with bullying. Plus: Understand the positive impact of animals on mental health. Explore the influence of social media on teenage mental health. Discover support resources for teen mental health challenges. My guest in this episode is Daniel Maigler. He is a school social worker and therapist in private practice, serving as...
Published on: 2024-02-13
By Joe Martin
What if Curt Cobaine and Elvis never died but instead have been secretly saving the world this whole time? That's the premise of the new book by Jay Watson and Kyle Wiltshire called "Dead Rock Stars". When I heard about that I had to learn more. I wanted to know how two friends decide to write a book together, what actors would star in the movie version of the book, how they work themselves into the movie, what the soundtrack would sound like, and a ton of other questions. Kyle and Jay are great guys who can talk freely on just...
Published on: 2024-02-06
By Joe Martin
Do you want to improve the connection and understanding in your relationships? Paul Zolman will be sharing the key to unlocking deeper connections and understanding in your relationships. By implementing the solution he provides, you can achieve greater intimacy and harmony in your relationships. It's all about discovering the pathway to deeper connection and understanding. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the key to better communication in relationships through love languages. Uncover Paul Zolman's fascinating journey to mastering love languages and its impact on relationships. Learn to play the love language game and use icons to represent...
Published on: 2024-01-30
By Joe Martin
I wanted to share a couple of strategies I use with my clients to help them reach their goals. My approach is pretty different from most coaches, so I wanted to share what I do to see if it helps you as well. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover the power of emotional the 5 Whys goal setting for lasting success. Uncover the hidden motivations driving your most meaningful goals. Learn how to reverse engineer your goals for effective planning. Embrace the importance of support and accountability in achieving your goals. Create sustainable habits for long-term success...
Published on: 2024-01-23
By Joe Martin
My guest today is John Lawyer. And he has a story not many can tell. His journey has taken him from the battlefields of Kuwait, Baghdad and Kandahar to becoming a spiritualist and universalist. And if you are like me and you don’t know what those last two things are, don’t worry we will get there. Just know it’s SLIGHLTY different than when he was winning a Bronze Star for counter-terrorism operations. "Be the hero for yourself. Our society doesn't really teach us to take care of ourselves necessarily. They teach us to kind of be the hero for other...
Published on: 2024-01-16
By Joe Martin
My guest in this one is John Kimble. John is a young man who has overcome a lot in his short lifetime. Multiple arrests, courts diagnosed him as a sociopath, and he even ended up in the psych ward with suicidal thoughts. He transformed his life with boxing, fitness, and working on his own thoughts and actions. Now he is helping others leave their vices behind and improve their minds, bodies, and souls. "If you stay busy and progress towards something greater, like bettering yourself, then you'll never actually regress or have any desires to go down a negative path."...
Published on: 2024-01-09
By Joe Martin
Dray LaBorde is a dynamic entertainer with a myriad of talents, from hosting and music to creative consulting. His influential presence as the voice and personality behind Alabama A&M University has left a lasting impression, spreading positivity and inspiration throughout local communities. Dray's seamless transition between roles and his ability to effortlessly connect with audiences have made him a standout figure in the world of entertainment. His emphasis on customer service and system building underscores his commitment to delivering top-notch experiences. With a wealth of experience and a passion for uplifting others, Dray is a valuable resource for up-and-coming entertainers...
Published on: 2024-01-02
By Joe Martin
I put Host/Musician/Drummer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Creative Consultant Dray LaBorde in the Hot Seat. He had some amazing answers. Check out this bonus content and look for his full episode on Jan 2, 2024! Also, make sure to check out all the cool things he has going on at his website: DrayTheVoice Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally and can vouch for their integrity and quality. -For website design, graphic design, internet marketing, and more check out McWilliams Marketing at ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ -Use Patnaik Realty for ANY real estate needs you have. I mean anything! Residential, commercial, property management, investments, acquisitions. He...
Published on: 2024-01-01
By Joe Martin
WD Tilley is back! In this bonus episode, he shares some tips and advice that helped him go from sedentary to getting in over 200 workouts this year. A few things you will learn: Embrace the Power of Positivity: Discover how positivity can transform your fitness journey and uplift those around you. Celebrate Every Small Victory: Learn the impact of recognizing and celebrating even the smallest fitness achievements. Analyze for Personal Growth: Uncover how analyzing successes and failures can lead to powerful personal growth and development. Overcome Setbacks and Maintain Momentum: Explore strategies to maintain momentum and overcome setbacks on...
Published on: 2023-12-29
By Joe Martin
If you had known WD Tilley in high school, you probably would not have thought much about his future prospects. A wild and rebellious teen who barely made it through high school to a man who eventually served his country for 24 years and retired as a Navy Master Chief. In this episode, you will learn from his ups and downs disappointments and triumphs. He has seen a lot in his life and overcome even more. Even if he brought most of it on himself 🙂 I'm proud to call him a friend and I can't wait for you to...
Published on: 2023-12-26
By Joe Martin
This episode is coming out right before Christmas, so I thought I would explore some of the Christmas traditions around the world. Things like kind-hearted witches, hopping in a sauna, filling the night sky with paper lanterns. There are some pretty awesome celebrations that I didn't know about. Then I talk about what this season should be about. Things like love, peace, and hope. And a special message to those like myself who are missing a loved one during this holiday season. If that's you, I'm thinking about you and praying for you. Please support my sponsors! I know them...
Published on: 2023-12-19
By Joe Martin
We are thrilled to have Amy Bailey back on the Relentless Positivity Podcast! Amy has become a fan favorite with her insightful and relatable discussions on living a sober curious lifestyle. In previous episodes, she has shared her experiences and wisdom on finding joy without alcohol, supporting friends through dry January, and answering all the burning questions about the sober curious movement. Amy's authenticity and genuine passion shine through as she explores the unexpected results of participating in Dry January. Join us as we delve into the benefits and surprises of embracing a #sobercurious lifestyle with Amy Bailey. Get ready...
Published on: 2023-12-12
By Joe Martin
Rick Koenig's life could easily be a movie. Growing up as an angry child, he started training martial arts at the age of 4 and it became a lifelong obsession. His journey has led him through the nightclub industry, prison, fighting in the early professional mixed martial arts days, moving to Branson, Missouri, losing his son under mysterious circumstances, and now helping others be their best through his fitness coaching. And that is just skimming the surface! Rick is a really interesting guy with a compelling story, I can't wait for you to meet him! 00:00:01 - Introduction 00:00:18 -...
Published on: 2023-12-05
By Joe Martin
Disclaimer- this is one of the best times I've ever had on a podcast! The father-son John and Mark Cronin are simply amazing. Together they have created a crazy sock juggernaut. A business that is not only thriving financially but is making a huge difference for individuals with disabilities. Does this sound familiar? You've been told that creating a positive and inclusive work environment is as simple as implementing a diversity training session. But despite your efforts, you still see low employee morale and customer dissatisfaction. The pain of investing time and resources into an ineffective action without seeing the...
Published on: 2023-11-28
By Joe Martin