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Relentless Positivity

I am a native of Huntsville. Graduated from Grissom in 1995, went to the Harvard of the South Calhoun Community College, and then got my degree from Auburn. I have been a fitness professional since 2000 and had my own business Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp For Women since 2009. I’ve written best-selling books, I won Huntsville’s Healthiest Trainer, my business won The Best Place For Women In Huntsville To Workout, and busted my chin doing The Worm.

I started my podcast during the pandemic to combat all the negativity I was seeing and experiencing in the world. In the show, I highlight positive news stories, interview people making the world a better place, and drop the occasional dad joke.

In this episode, I talk about how I helped my son through a tough time in his basketball career by helping him remember who he is. And how you can use this too. Plus, how much do you know about Dr. Ronald McNair? I didn't know enough until I read an awesome post by Jon Finkel on Twitter Don't miss that one, so powerful! Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally and can vouch for their integrity and quality. -For website design, graphic design, internet marketing, and more check out McWilliams Marketing at ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ -Use Patnaik Realty for...
Published on: 2023-05-23
By Joe Martin
My guest in this episode has a lot of range. He enjoys rapping, stand-up comedy, entrepreneurship, consensually punching people in the face, and eating crickets in bar and powder form. Eli Halpern is the CEO and founder of Golden Cricket The World's Most Sustainable Protein Bar. Make sure to check those bars, horchata powder, and merch here: And use promo code POSITIVITY to save 15% off of your order! Appreciate the love from the Cricket Lord with the promo code. And follow Eli on Instagram: Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally and can vouch for...
Published on: 2023-05-16
By Joe Martin
One of my favorite books is Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends and Influence People". It is filled with his 30 principles on how to treat people. I think his first principle is one of the most important. Principle #1 Don't criticize, condemn, or complain.  I cover why you should AAA instead of CCC, the Good News of the Week out of Syria, some motivation from T Pain, and a Dad Joke involving The Lord of the Rings. An action-packed episode you don't want to miss! Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally and can vouch for...
Published on: 2023-05-09
By Joe Martin
My guest today embodies exactly what this show is all about. Jaesean Brooks referees basketball. He was reffing a game recently when a video of a player dunking on him went viral Overtime's Instagram account. You can see it here: Overtime has over 7 million followers so the situation could have been negative and toxic for Jaesean but turned that on its head and made it into a win. You gotta hear his whole story and how his positive attitude is opening up doors for him. Love this dude! Check him out on Instagram If you have...
Published on: 2023-05-02
By Joe Martin
My guest in this episode is Sammy Ferens. Sammy is an NLP and John Maxwell master coach and speaker, he is the author of Broken Gratitude and a Professional speaker. His mission in life is to help individuals discover a life of gratitude while navigating a life of chaos. You will learn the amazing lessons he learned from his mother who was wheelchair-bound due to polio, his unique perspective on who you should be the most grateful for in your life, some acton steps to live a life of gratitude, and much more! Be sure to check out Sammy's website...
Published on: 2023-04-25
By Joe Martin
My guest today in this episode is the creator of Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) and the online platform: The Yogi Club, host of the yoga podcast ‘Stop Stretching’, author of ‘Autobiography of a Naked Yogi’, and his latest book ‘’Stop Stretching! A New Yogic Approach To Master Your Body + Live Pain-Free' is currently the #1 book on Chronic pain on Amazon. He is also the Co-Owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica where he leads The Yogi Club Yoga Teacher Training Immersions year-round for students from all across the globe. He has...
Published on: 2023-04-18
By Joe Martin
My guest today in this episode is the host and producer of one of the top Entrepreneurship podcasts in the world. He’s also a business owner, online content creator, trained comedic actor, and also lived in a 1986 Chevy Suburban for 3 years. Nikolas Natali is one interesting guy who has led an amazing life, you don't want to miss this one! Be sure to check out his website for tons of resources and products, as well as a link to his podcast. You can check all of that out here: Please support my sponsors! I know them all...
Published on: 2023-04-11
By Joe Martin
I am intrigued by all the AI stuff that is coming out. So when I got invited to try Google's new version Bard I thought I would try something different and turn it into an episode. I asked Bard what Relentless Positivity is, what is the downside of Relentless Positivity, who is the most positive person in the world. Then I asked it to tell me a story about Positivity, a joke about positivity, and I had to know if AI thought gingers had souls. I think you will find this one pretty interesting. And if you are a comedian...
Published on: 2023-04-04
By Joe Martin
My guest in this episode is my friend Jay Croft. Jay spent 20 years as a reporter and editor at daily newspapers across the country. In 2007, he began creating marketing content for companies like Coca-Cola and SunTrust. As a consultant and freelancer, he is affiliated with CNN, WebMD, the Functional Aging Institute, Fitness Revolution, IDEA, and more. He is also the owner of Prime Fit Content and the host of the Optimal Aging Podcast. I really enjoyed talking to Jay about his reporting career, especially the weirdest story he covered and his most meaningful one. Also, how he...
Published on: 2023-03-28
By Joe Martin
Dwaynia Wilkerson is back y’all! She was one of our most popular episodes from way back in episode 31 of Feb 2021. I encourage you to go back and give it a listen if you missed it. In this episode, she survives the hot seat with rapid-fire questions, shares what she's changed her mind about, what she has doubled down her belief in, a special program she is doing for CEOs and entrepreneurs, and much more! You can tell she used to be a professor because her tips are always so concise and memorable. A true pro! Make sure to...
Published on: 2023-03-21
By Joe Martin
Heroin is known to be highly addictive. So when the US government found out that 20% of all American troops in Vietnam were addicted to heroin, they were in a panic.  But very few of them stayed addicted to heroin when they came home. What happened??? As James Clear shares in his book "Atomic Habits", if you want to change your behavior, you change your environment. I share 5 ways you can discipline your own environment, so you don't have to worry about disciplining yourself. Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally and can vouch for their integrity...
Published on: 2023-03-14
By Joe Martin
John Terrell was hit by a car in a tragic accident when he was 19 that led to his arm being amputated.  His is a story of constant up and downs, but also a story of resilience and overcoming. He could have given up so many times but chose to remain focused on his goal of becoming a Paracycling world champion. John shared so many little nuggets of wisdom that we can all apply to our lives and I'm grateful for him spending time with me as he gets ready for his next race. Follow John on Instagram: And...
Published on: 2023-03-07
By Joe Martin
My guest today was living the dream, but it quickly became a nightmare. She had just given birth when all of the sudden she was completely paralyzed and fighting for her life. This is her story of surviving a rare autoimmune disease and how she is now helping others.  Multiple times throughout this interview I was almost shocked into silence picturing myself in her predicament. This is an amazing story of resilience and overcoming obstacles.  Please follow Holly on her website and pick up a copy of her new book! Please support my sponsors! I know them all personally...
Published on: 2023-02-28
By Joe Martin
Let's face it as we get older, staying fit and healthy can be more challenging. My guest in this episode is Brad Williams and he is here to help us make that a little bit easier. Brad shares 5 awesome hacks to help us fight the aging process and stay in amazing shape without getting injured or losing our social life. He taught me a few things that is for sure!   Be sure to check out Brad's website for all of his information and to follow his podcast Over 40 Fitness Hacks:  Follow Brad on Twitter: @Over40FitHacks Please...
Published on: 2023-02-21
By Joe Martin
It's always a pleasure to talk to my friend Steven Conway. He is one of those guys that looks for the light in others, no matter who they are. This was the first time I had heard the story of how he miraculously survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. It is something out of a movie! And I didn't know about his personal battle with PTSD. Steven gets real and raw in this one and I truly appreciate him sharing. He also shares some great advice on how to break free when you are feeling stuck. You don't want to...
Published on: 2023-02-14
By Joe Martin