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We’re Only Human Podcast

HR is a challenging field. It’s easy to forget that in spite of the tools, technology, and resources at our disposal, at the end of the day we’re only human. How can we tailor our approach so that we take into account the diverse needs of individuals while still moving forward as an organization in a highly competitive landscape?

We’re Only Human is a podcast focused on the intersection of people and technology in the workplace. We talk with practitioners, vendors, consultants–a wide spectrum of voices to help us all learn and improve our practices. Topics can range from talent acquisition trends to improving performance management practices, new research on engagement, or even case studies of successful organizations with leading practices in HR, talent, or learning.

"I would be remiss to tell our employees 'you have the power to question your doctors' if I didn't tell HR people 'you have the power to question your consultants and brokers' the exact same way." Melissa Cassidy, Human Resources Leader, Valpak We're Only Human -- Episode 171 In this podcast episode, host Ben Eubanks engages in a conversation with Melissa Cassidy, focusing on the topics of benefits, HR, and employee wellness. They discuss Melissa's background and her experience in the field. Melissa shares the challenges she faced when implementing a new benefit plan and the importance of gathering employee...
Published on: 2024-02-12
By Ben Eubanks
"So when it comes to training and learning as a viable solution for helping people be the best that they can be in the roles that they serve, I believe that that's always been important.  We've just not always been able to illustrate impact in the past the way in which we're able to now. That is because of the different types of tools and resources and knowledge that we've gained about the science of measuring the impact of training and learning." Kevin M. Yates, The L&D Detective We're Only Human -- Episode 170   It's an age-old problem: We're...
Published on: 2024-01-22
By Ben Eubanks
"So it's really designed to be a two-way street and to create that conversation from the very, very beginning points. So we're setting the expectations for what employment is going to be like, especially as a leader at our company." Nicole Hirsch, Sr Recruiting Manager, Lattice We're Only Human -- Episode 169   Teaching hiring managers how to interview... It sounds like a foregone conclusion, yet data from the 2023 Lighthouse Research & Advisory Modern Screening Practices Study of more than 500 employers shows that it's not happening as much as it should. Employers put their reputation on the line...
Published on: 2024-01-12
By Ben Eubanks
"Like a lot of people, it's something I fell into. I don't think there's anybody out there that woke up and said, "When I grow up, I want to be an HR tech/HRIS person. So I had a background in social work, counseling, and nonprofit, then got into it and then ended up working in an HRIS role implementing a learning management system. That was my first kind of true HRIS and I'd never worked with learning management before. I'd never worked in HR before. So it was a learning experience for me. But since then, I've grown in responsibility...
Published on: 2024-01-05
By Ben Eubanks
"Pay transparency is here (or coming) depending on where you're located and where you're hiring people. It's kind of like a snowball rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger. It's something to really stop and think about and prepare for now, because it's not easy. I think the biggest thing around transparency is thinking about what your education plan is for your people." Megan Nail, Vice President, Total Rewards Practice at NFP We're Only Human -- Episode 167 In our research with employers, we find many of them believe that salary transparency puts more power into the hands of...
Published on: 2023-12-11
By Ben Eubanks
So we're looking at how the words are actually formed. When you're hiring for a technology manager, what does that mean? Are you looking for a technical technology manager? Are you looking for someone who grew up in the chops of software development, knows all of the full delivery life cycle, or are you looking for someone who's more project focused? If your job description isn't conveying those skills or that type of clarification in the job description, you're not gonna get the right person. You might get lucky.  But when you're hiring at scale, you know you can't do...
Published on: 2023-10-25
By Ben Eubanks
" I do think that there is so much hidden talent inside our organizations, and we don't even realize it.  How do you find that? How do you leverage that? How do you build and develop that? This is what I find so interesting about the skills conversation. Everything that we've just been talking, about the potential and impact for any one of us is huge." Heidi Perloff, SVP, Global HR Strategic Initiatives and Delivery Solutions at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. We're Only Human - Episode 165 Think about yourself and your work for a moment. Does your job title...
Published on: 2023-10-04
By Ben Eubanks
And so that doesn't happen overnight. But over time, as people bought into it and we started to see over the course of one year, we gave the business back 1500 interviews. Imagine the extra time that was available for our product managers. They could do their job, and then when the quality of hire goes up with that, you start to get this [positive] cycle. You've now made a better hire, and because you started with listening, there's a high probability that [they're] gonna be successful and stay longer. Lance Sapera, Former VP Talent Acquisition, Talend We're Only Human...
Published on: 2023-08-28
By Ben Eubanks
I'm really excited we are a fully remote organization. It's why I get to do the work I do from Hawaii. It does mean I have really early mornings, so be aware of what you're signing up for, but I get to work fully remote. In supporting fully remote organizations, we have to be incredibly intentional about the culture and the way we work. Diana Brown, Head of People, Eco We're Only Human -- Episode 163 Working remote. It's a polarizing topic overall, but perhaps even more so when it comes to HR positions. Should HR be in the office,...
Published on: 2023-08-04
By Ben Eubanks
"One of the things that a lot of our industry struggled with was trying to regulate employees and not let them have their phone in their hand, but we actually encourage it. We ask them to help us do TikToks. Everybody gets involved. It really brings in a sense of camaraderie. We're not constantly saying, 'Get off your phone. Get off your phone. Get off your phone.' We're encouraging them: get on your phone, take the pictures, take the videos, promote the brand." Michele Corkins, Senior Manager, People Solutions, Hawaiian Bros Island Grill We're Only Human -- Episode 162 Think...
Published on: 2023-07-17
By Ben Eubanks
"We have 1700 people at our company. That's 1700 different opinions, needs, journeys. So at Getty Images we create and we measure and we monitor engagement opportunities to strengthen a work culture where people belong and they can do their best work." Marie Potter, Senior Director, Culture & Development, Getty Images We're Only Human -- Episode 161   Defining the problem is a big step towards finding a solution. But what do you do when the problem or challenge is so broad and varied that it's hard to pinpoint what solution might work? That's the difficulty that arises daily for HR...
Published on: 2023-07-06
By Ben Eubanks
"I was deleting 24 Google Calendar placeholders one day and manually copy/pasting new hire email addresses into the 17 ones we were going to keep. It was at least 30 minutes of hundreds of just mindless clicks. And I said, wait a minute. I'm gonna figure out how to do this [better]. So I looked at our Google Calendar integration, saw that I could both delete calendar events and add participants to calendar events. It worked so well. I took hundreds of clicks down to two clicks to complete those two actions, which is huge for me. And then I...
Published on: 2023-06-21
By Ben Eubanks
"If I had to put a bet on the future, where we're headed is about understanding potential future performance and what drives and drains people. I think that's really where I see TA going longer term. We've seen success around using some of that psychometric data to really upskill folks into engineers that wouldn't not necessarily have been on technical paths. So business analysts, old school project managers, and those technical analyst folks... Finding the ones that are really well suited to engineering thought and then upskilling them on the actual technology themselves." Travis Windling, Director Talent Acquisition Strategy &...
Published on: 2023-06-12
By Ben Eubanks
"And speaking of changing expectations and what's socially acceptable, this challenge of ghosting is going through the roof, and I've got bad news for you. It's gonna get worse. When we look at the data on ghosting, we see that it's actually age correlated. So someone who is 25 is more likely than someone who's 35, who's more likely someone who's 45, and so on. So the people who are 55 years old and older in the workplace are the least likely to ghost an employer.  And guess what? They're gonna steadily age out. And the ones who are doing...
Published on: 2023-05-23
By Ben Eubanks
"It's a big differentiator. And I think the organizations that figure it out--the organizations that get it right--are the ones that are gonna be able to attract people. And I think organizations that don't are gonna have more of a struggle because that becomes more important as we think about just making conscious choices: how do we wanna spend our days? How do we wanna spend our working lives and what do we want to accomplish? Mike Trusty, VP of Talent and Learning, Fannie Mae We're Only Human -- Episode 157   Digital transformation isn't a new concept, but it's...
Published on: 2023-04-17
By Ben Eubanks