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Whole Lotta Holtz Podcast


Whole Lotta Holtz

Rick Holtz and others discuss all things family, values, business etc.

Rick and Coleen talk about the number of animals they have amassed on their property and how that has affected their family. ...
Published on: 2022-01-18
By Holtz Leather
Rick, Maria and Avery Discuss the Holtz Logo as well as what makes a good logo and what to consider when making your own. ...
Published on: 2022-01-14
By Holtz Leather
Start A Business Or Follow One!  ...
Published on: 2022-01-07
By Holtz Leather
Risk & Reward. Rick talks with Emory Eledui, Co Owner of Wilson and Claire Coffee. The talk about the the risks involved with starting a business and the rewards that come as a result. ...
Published on: 2021-08-29
By Holtz Leather
Rick and his daughter Faith talk about the early rocky days of being an entrepreneur full of successes and failures leading up to the eventual birth of Holtz Leather Co. and what that looked like in the early days. ...
Published on: 2021-08-22
By Holtz Leather
Rick and Coleen Holtz kick off the first ever episode of the Whole Lotta Holtz Podcast. They discuss their beliefs and values and what it is that makes them unique. ...
Published on: 2021-08-19
By Holtz Leather