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Angie Kadow

Hey guys! I’m Angie. Throughout my time on YouTube, I’ve grown a lot as a person. I’ve gotten older, wiser & have learned so many things while sharing my life with all of you. With growth, I have evolved & adapted to many changes. As a result of those changes, my lifestyle goals have changed as well. The way I share, & what I share have also changed. Home d├ęcor, daily life, Disney, travel, hotel & food reviews (entertainment) are my favorite things to share and talk about. This channel is about my life’s interests, as ever changing, as they are; the good days & bad, the happy the sad, the successes & downfalls & EVERYTHING in between. You’ll find all sorts of content here. I hope that when you join me, you understand that you are not just another subscriber, but you become part of a unique part of this community. Thanks so much for hanging out with me! I sincerely appreciate it.